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Avoid issues with the luggage locks


On failing to use authentic TSA locks and it getting cut off, remember your luggage is exposed to anyone who can search or steal your valuables. Keep some key aspects in mind when you plan packing your luggage while traveling.


  • Try to avoid valuables in the luggage - It is not so practical every time that you leave back all you valuable while heading to another place. But always take extra caution if you have to do it in such unavoidable situations and rather carry your most valuable as hand-carry luggage.


  • Lock your luggage properly – The small luggage containers, which you usually bring into the airplane as hand carry can also be guarded with one of the many suitable luggage locks. Put the lock through the zippers and lock it. You get some complimentary locks while buying suitcases, but those may not be so strong. It is always advisable to buy the best quality sturdy locks.


  • Make it a habit to use luggage locks everywhere – Not just for air travel trips, but always make sure that you lock your luggage properly for each trip. Some luggage carry has clips instead of zippers, which makes it more secured. If you stay outside in a hotel or on a road trip, still there is a chance of other people having access to your luggage. Also check out whether you have a safe locker when you stay at hotel rooms or other places.